Welcome to our new Easy Order Custom Snare

- Choose your size
- Choose your wrap

- Choose your finish
- Choose your colours

We'll do the rest! 

Just leave a note with your choice of up to 4 colours e.g.
Main colour - Blackfriars
Colour1 - Fluro pink
Colour2 - Limehouse
Colour3 - Whitechapel

Shells are  10ply North American Maple and will be covered in a matt wrap with a unique, custom finished interior and matching hardware. The coating we use on the hardware is unlike traditional metal or car paint, but a dry matte powder coating that gives a deep thick layer with just a single coat. 

As always, finished off with Evans heads. 

Main Colour
This is the main colour of the finish and will either be used as the base coat or top coat. 
Any colour can be used but something more neutral like black, white, grey etc usually works well. 

Other Colours
These are the accents either under or on top of the main colour. Choose up to three colours and one of our different finish techniques to totally customise the look of your snare. 

Before we start every order we will do a test piece to ensure you are happy with your choice of colours. We want to match your vision perfectly :) 

*Please contact us with any custom sizing or finish requests*

Easy Order Custom Snare

Wrap Colour